The Interview

Adam Sampson

Posted in Interviews, Uncategorized by rosalindbrabner on April 2, 2009

n683390286_5654839_12282I recently posted a message on Facebook asking people whether they were interesting enough to interview for the blog. Not many people got back to me apart from Adam. Adam Sampson to be precise. From the outside it’s easy to assume that Adam is just another Essex boy, women, booze, cars and guitars are all subjects of desire for Adam. But the real apple in Adam’s life is much, much stranger…….

What’s your thoughts on the ‘miracle of birth?’

The miracle of birth. Wow. I could literally talk about this for days! I think my main fascination stems from the fact that I cant fully get my head around the concept. I know the process, I know the theory, but in reality the whole thing is too immense and too amazing, almost to the point where I cant believe it. The basics, a man and woman have sex and then 9 months later out pops a human…an actual person that has all the potential in the world, a person that from the moment it is born affects the world in infinite ways and changes the course of the world just because two people had sex and released some fluid in a moment of passion…9 times out of 10 a literal ‘moment’. A girl in my work was pregnant and i asked if i could feel her stomach about a year ago. It was mental and i couldn’t believe she was just sitting there with a human growing inside her! I think when i have babies one day it might all become clear but it will probably be even more miraculous! The actual process of reproduction is so incomprehensible I wont even bother going into it!

Your in a band called One Tonne Baby, do you not think that this a slightly inappropriate name considering the UK in the midst of an obesity epidemic?

Well i could say that it is an ironic political statement commenting on the eating habits of the children in the uk, ala jamie oliver. However, as a band we are strongly against jamie oliver in general and therefore this is not true. In fact, one tonne baby was the term coined in respect of the first ever computer system as it weighed a tonne! I also like the flow of the name, the imagery it portrays as well as the inside joke th’at it could be used when describing a phallus!

What has been the best and worst things about growing up in Essex?

To be honest I dont really see Romford as apart of Essex but still. I like romford in general because it basically has everything I need. Although essex in general is a bit shit. I like the proximity to london and the fact I can feel superior towards northerners! The worst bit is the people, like proper scum! I really don’t like or mean to sound like I’m superior, honest! But I cant stand the idiots around here who need to focus all their concentration on breathing! Its a vicious circle though, like I’ll go to a club and women who somehow think they are better than you always end up with the ugliest and thickest bloke in there. It’s like they have radar! Overall though, I like it!

Friends have mentioned that you are a bit of a womanizer….

HAHA. What friends would describe me as that? I would hate to be known as a womanizer, honestly I am a nice guy with women but it gets me nowhere, I’m slowly learning this as I get older. The thing I’ll never get is if you treat a woman like you should you are ‘too nice’ and ‘boring’ but then you treat them mean and you are a wanker! See the thing women don’t seen to get about men is that there so many dicks that will treat you badly and can’t be changed. If you choose these blokes them you can’t moan when you get stung! Not all men are wankers, but if you choose to be with a wanker then don’t be surprised when you are treated like one! Back on topic I am so rubbish chatting women up, I’m actually too shy. I usually end up doing a gay dance! I don’t know what I want though so that doesn’t help, bad experiences have burned me out! Just need someone to restore my faith……

What is Adam Sampson’s understanding of ‘the meaning of life?’

I honesty don’t think there is one. Just to live and enjoy it. If you make just one person smile, one person feel the warmth of love in some way then you have lived a meaningful life!