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Fashion is hardly an industry where ethics spring to mind but thanks to the devil can wear prada and save the world all for the price of postage.

Courtesy of BBC

Courtesy of BBC


“We were getting fed up!” explains Jamie Hutchinson, one of three founders of, “fed up with the expense of constantly replacing clothes!” This is why was born, “we developed the Big Wardrobe idea in response to the frustration of our partners and girlfriends who were constantly replacing their old clothes with new ones”.

According to last year’s Fashion Sustainability review over 1.2 million tonnes of clothing were disposed and only 10 percent of this enormous sum ended up being recycled or resold in 2007. offers an alternative, not only can you swap sell or buy you can even combine these options to secure an item. Just imagine Ebay if Carrie Bradshaw was allowed to change the settings.

Of course this isn’t something new altogether, Jamie explains, “There are other swapping websites, but all have some way of charging, be it fees for listing items or joining, and we also had trouble finding any that catered for men, women and children”. The website has caused quite a storm in the fashion press, Vogue, Cosmopolitan have all commented on the swapping craze whilst Marie Clare said, “It’s everything we want to be right now- ethical, environmentally friendly and fabulous!” With its roots firmly planted in all things ethical the site is also set to branch out into a new celebrity/charity initiative in May.

Joining up with the likes of Russell Brand, Peaches Geldolf and the Kaiser Chiefs, is offering it’s users a chance to bid on items donated by these celebs with the funds going to a number of different charities. Finger’s crossed Russell washes the jeans he’s donating prior to auction.


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If you’ve been to a Brighton club recently and have noticed a bloke stumbling aroud clutching a SR camera- don’t worry its not one of ‘those’  pervs it is Matt ‘Skinners’ Skingsley: the man behind Snapup!, Brighton’s new local fashion papparazzi blog.

Roz: Describe your ideal snappie?

Matt: My ideal snappie is someone who is oblivious to the fact they’re about to get snapped. A handsome young fella dolled up with hairspray and denim that’s just looking cool and is unaware of the fact he’s an individual. I hate the bitches who smirk and act like they’re not fashionable or stylish, the “oh, you want MY picture?” act that’s got nobody fooled.

Roz: Have you found walking around with a girthy SR camera a good pulling technique or are you 5 minutes away from growing a mustache and wearing an anorak?
Matt: It has garnered me quite a bit of attention, I won’t lie. But if that began to dry out, then yes… I’d probably start turning into some pathetic geek who sweats out of their nipples and eats cheese for breakfast.

Roz: Have you found walking around with a girthy SR camera a good pulling technique or are you 5 minutes away from growing a mustache and wearing an anorak?
Matt: People are very modest. A lot of the time people are camera shy, other times they pose and really get involved. I’ve never had anyone run away… unless I’ve shown them my cock by accident.

Roz: What sort of response have you had from people you are snapping? Anyone ran away screaming?
Matt: Diversity. One minute I’m snapping a young girl in high waisted jeans, the next its 15 year olds break dancing. I don’t want to just snap youth and they’re ‘in’ statements, I want couples, middle age, I want the elderly! The idea is that its from different people you’d never normally expect to see photographed in the street or in clubs etc, who offer that individuality in not just how they dress, but what they do/how they are etc.

Roz: Brighton is famous for its fashion scene, have you seen anyone out and about taking it just too far?
I think with Brighton there isn’t a ‘too far’ point. What is too far when you see a 70 year old man with a witches hat on, leopard print waistcoat, goggles and leather trousers walking down the high street and no one, literally no one batters an eyelid?

Roz: ‘Local paparazzi’ is a phenomenon that has recently rocketed- do you think this is off the back of the celebrity paparazzi relationship?
Matt: I think people like having their photo taken. So yeah, in a way I think it does come off the back of the celebrity/pap thing… it gives the public and the ordinary Joe the chance to get their face on the internet, be recognised for their uniqueness, and become a mini celeb for a mini second.

Roz: What made you want to set up Snapup!?
Matt: The main reason would be that I’m interested in fashion. I like what people wear, what inspired them with an outfit etc, I like the fact clothes make someone look fucking hot. Best to document the gorgeousness! Blogging it is such an easy way to please people as well, and Snappuup does that perfectly.

Roz: What celebrity would you sell your mother to snap?
Matt:  At the moment… Marion Cottilard. I’d avoid the likes of Britney and Madonna, they get enough attention. Marion is beyond stunning and is going to be a big style icon of 2010. She dresses so well and I’d love to catch her on an ordinary day in one of her typically effortless outfits. Watch her 6 minute murder mystery movie on the Dior website.

Roz: Where can we see you snapping this month?

Matt: This month I’ll be snapping a lot around the city of Brighton, at New Hero on the 30th May, Coalition on the 5th of June and Revenge on the 6th of June.

Roz: What is your perfect snapping outfit? How can clubbers no it’s you and not some weirdo with a big camera?
Matt: My perfect snapping outfit is simple and sleek. Black skinny’s and an oversized tee with a camera round my neck. Nothing more, nothing less… Especially no anoraks.

My favorite interviews

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OK, so I haven’t exactly been frequently publishing lately, although I have been interviewing many different people for work from radio industry professionals to international students in many different parts of the world. Unfortunatley I am unable to publish them on my little portal here but I have put together my favorite television interviews of the last few years:

Simon Amstell Ruins The Kooks

Tyra confronts Naomi

Kerry loses it